Meet the Photographer

My name is Karim Nasser, I am a professional photographer working in Los Angeles. I have worked with professional actors, models, dancers, social influencers, as well as individuals and couples from the general public. I serve the greater Los Angeles area including LA, OC, SFV, and SGV. I do portrait photography and headshots, in studio and outdoors, sports & gym style photography.

My style is portrait close-ups and rich warm tone colors. I also do black and white photography for art projects, I use dedicated equipment to achieve the best possible images with the widest dynamic range and monochrome tonality. Please visit my Monochrome Photography page. I do not use AI to generate or alter any of my photos, however I do use retouching and editing software when necessary, or if requested by an agency or yourself.

If you are an actor, please feel free to browse through my Acting Portfolio, if you are a model or social influencer, please visit my Models and Social Media page. If a particular photo or inspires you and would like to hire or collaborate with me, please contact me at any of the following: